VCDCut is an application that can be used as a video editor in order to work with videos in different ways. The tool is designed to both edit and play videos and people can make use of both functions in order to enjoy a movie or edit it. The playback capabilities are powerful and all sorts of formats are supported thanks to the built-in video codec pack.

In order to edit files, users just have to import them within VCDCut. They can playback a video and they can add start and end points as the video goes on. This is achieved with the aid of a simple keyboard shortcut and after the time interval has been set up, there is the possibility to export the selection as an AVI file. This is a quick way of cropping videos and keep only a certain part of it.

VCDCut is also able to split a video file in equally sized parts. Users can choose if they want to split the video based on actual size or length. There is also the possibility to playback only an enclosed area of the video, such as in a crop box. This selection can also be exported after a time interval is set up.



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