USBSoftProtect is a USB encryption software specifically designed to ensure that the programs and executables are well protected and secured. This software works on the logic that each USB has unique properties and it allows you to easily transfer or publish a newly created executable across organizations through the usage of a USB stick. This application works with all forms of USB sticks, including versions USB1.0 or USB2.0. By the usage of this tool, you can copy an executable to a USB stick and this copied executable will work on the systems only from the USB drive.

This characteristic ensures that even if a person copies the executable from the USB drive to any other media such as the systems hard drive or a DC, the executable will not run properly. This is the only unique feature of this tools usage. This unique and compact application gets installed on your USB drive and works directly from it. As you copy an executable from a system to this drive, the tool creates a hardware dependence key associated with the USB on the executable. Thereafter, every time the executable is invoked, the tool checks for the keys match with the hardware from where it is executed.

The tool targets to provide reliable file encryption, thereby preventing any unauthorized access to your personal information as well as the corporate data or programs. The only system requirement for the execution of this tool is the need to have .NET framework, version 2.0 or higher on the systems where this encryption is to be implemented.

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