An innovative, useful Windows tool, USBDeview takes care of an important function of providing you information about all of the USB devices you are using. These include not only those currently in use but all those you ever connected to the system at any point in the past. Once installed, this tool can be used to view a list of the USB devices along with the device name, a short description, serial number and device type. It also shows other additional details like the information about the last time the device was used, whether it is plugged in currently and whether it can be removed safely. There is an option to Interact with the devices in the File menu. You can use it to enable or disable the devices and disconnect them all at the same time. The program is completely customizable, meaning it is possible to choose what columns you would like to see on the main window. It is also possible to export the data you see.

Now stay on the top of all the USB devices you use on your Windows system!



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