Unrestrict PDF

Unrestrict PDF is a utility that can be used by anyone who wants to remove certain restrictions from PDF files. Usually, these do not have restrictions, but some owners might impose them. Thus, users might discover they are not able to print a document or copy content from its body. However, this app is designed to get rid of this problems in an instant so that users can work with their documents.

Unrestrict PDF has a simple interface and its main element consists of the list in which documents can be queued. Thus, users can add one or more PDF files at a time and have them converted by the utility in order to use them freely. The list allows people to sort documents based on different factors, such as the number of pages or the name of the document. Afterwards, users can start the process of restriction removal.

Unrestrict PDF is able to perform this task automatically so that users can benefit within moments of unrestricted documents. They have the possibility to create new copies of the files or overwrite the source ones. Starting from the PDF1.8 files, all types of PDF documents are supported. Restrictions of various types, such as 128-bit RC4 can be removed with ease.



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