Unreal Commander

Unreal Commander is a freeware application that can greatly help users who need a file manager that can provide more functionality than the classic Windows Explorer. This one comes with a simple interface and interesting icons for the tools available in the upper area of the screen. Users should know that all of these toolbars can be edited so that everyone can have relevant tools at their disposal. And if this is not enough, hotkeys can also be mapped with ease.

Two panels make up most of Unreal Commander’s interface and two folders can be opened at the same time for parallel management and various other tasks. Users can benefit from an improved search engine which allows them to use various filters to easily narrow down search results. A batch file rename feature is also provided so that tens, hundreds of thousands of files can be renamed quickly.

A FTP client is also available within Unreal Commander and users can easily access the back-end of their website after they create the connection. Then, they can edit files and have the updated versions uploaded instantly onto the site. There are also multiple plugins which can be installed if users need access to more functions.



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