Universal Tutor

Self education is an important part of learning for both little kids and grownups. Universal Tutor is a dedicated education and entertainment software that helps both the kids and grownups to learn faster than any other process. This software displays entertaining and educational videos whenever the user of the PC leaves it idle for some time. This educational software is available for a nominal price of $14.95. However, the demo version can be downloaded for free. This software has been downloaded for more than 1,300 times after was launched on the Internet in August 2011.

Universal Tutor can run well with a few versions of Windows including Window 2000, 2003, XP, and Windows Vista/7/8. While downloading this software, the system should have 1GHz of Ram and about 600 KB of free disc space to store the files of the software after the download process gets complete. The users are required to select the category of video while downloading the software. Most of these videos are educational and the software starts streaming videos immediately after the PC becomes idle for some time.

At the moment, this software is available in its 1.4 version, which is more powerful than all its previous versions. The quality of the videos is quite good and most of these videos can enhance the thinking abilities of the kids as well as the adults. This software can be downloaded at the home PC or at office or at school. These videos can be of good help for the best utilization of the free or off time of the users.



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