Unified Remote

Unified Remote is an application designed for users who want to control their computer with the aid of a smartphone. As mobile phones become more and more intelligent, hence their definition, they are able to be integrated with other various electronic devices. However, there is still a need for a bridge between these two elements and the current tool does a great job.

Users can install Unified Remote within moments and afterwards they can start configuring it to work with their phone. First of all, the connection ports must be established and two of them can be configured at the same time. Afterwards, there is the possibility to use an authentication key in order to prevent unauthorized users from accessing features of the PC.

Unified Remote allows users to define the applications they want controlled by phone. Each of them can be added to a list and further configured there. These changes can be saved automatically and afterwards, a check box allows users to deactivate certain apps they do not want linked with the tool anymore. The utility will go into the taskbar and it will provide notification screens whenever an event is happening, so that users can know if their PC is controlled by phone.



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