UnderCoverXP is an application that is able to help users who constantly work with CDs, DVDs and need to create them labels and covers. Although these storage devices are not so popular nowadays, for users that want to preserve memories of a holiday or various other things, the app proves to be really useful.

UnderCoverXP is easy to install and even easier to use. Users have to take note that the application is not also a label creator, so they have to find something else to help them with this matter. However, going past this, users are able to easily print their labels and more importantly, they can print them at the correct size, without having to crop the real sheet of paper afterwards.

UnderCoverXP does not require users to input the size of the print they want created for a specific type of cover or label. The utility has more than 30 different standard profiles which can have their settings automatically loaded upon selection. This way, VHS or Mini-CD covers can be printed at the right size directly, without user intervention. However, users are able to create new profiles with custom sizes if they want to print something different from the standard profiles.



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