UltraMixer is an application that provides support to users who need to mix different songs and want something that provides support for novices and professionals, too. The utility can be used in a live session by a DJ in order to work with songs and effects, but it can also used at home in order to edit different songs with various effects.

UltraMixer has an intuitive interface and it makes use of various timelines, depending on the number of songs that are added within the app. This means that users are able to add more than one track at the same time and they can work with all of them simultaneously to create interesting effects. Samples are available from within the main database and they can be imported and added onto the timeline of a song.

UltraMixer makes use of a BPM counter and it also allows people to play songs backwards. The pitch of each song can be adjusted in both negative and positive parts. With the aid of the keyboard, users can control MIDI tracks and they can also assign further keys to different effects of the app. Finally, people are able to choose a skin for the app in order to have a better experience.



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