For those individuals who would love to give their Internet Explorer desktop web browser a certain facelift, UltraBrowser is the only option available. UltraBrowser has been developed on the same Internet Explorer web based browser application engine and serves as a theme upgraded IE version. Any kind of distinguishable difference between the IE and this web browser cannot be found as both of these browser share same amount of performance and even in terms of look.

Also, this very browser does not add much to the contemporary IE browser package. UltraBrowser has shared the same looks in the interface department as well with the Internet Explorer browser. The only difference is that you get to choose some of the basic themes to customize the desktop view of this software. Though these themes have to be downloaded directly from the developer’s website as per requirement, it can be used to personalize your browser.

Also, this very web browser application uses a little bit more amount of system memory than compared to Internet Explorer without exerting any kind of performance enhancement. Similar to that of Internet Explorer internet browsing experience, this software as well share the same issue of no support for multi-tabbing. This involves the procurement of opening a new window every time you want to open a new webpage. This browser can add favourites online depending upon the user’s selection of particular websites. Individuals who are looking forward to replace the browser can try out this browser with some extra features.



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