For people that want to learn how to type fast and without mistakes, TypingMaster is one of the best tutoring solutions. The application is designed to support users who want to become better at typing by providing them a series of different practice and testing modes. All of the texts are carefully chosen so that they can test the writer at maximum capacity while he types in the words shown on the screen.

TypingMaster has different difficulty levels available and it’s up to each user to choose the correct level. However, when the app is firstly ran, it will prompt the user to type in a text against time, so that he can find out his level. Then, he can proceed with the other texts that can be exercised. There is the possibility to also import texts within the app so that users can work with them, too, if they feel that the pre-designed ones are not enough.

TypingMaster provides various tutorials to users so that they can learn more about the things they should do. Each person can learn how to keep each finger on the keyboard and this is essential for those that want to type as fast as possible, as achieving this with only two fingers is not possible.

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