Designed specially for Windows Vista systems, TweakVI works to offer easy way to tweak and optimize any machine. With this simple yet powerful utility, one can tweak a number of hidden features in the Windows OS, optimize the system and customize it to meet your own personal needs. It is different from other tweaking utilities in that it bundles various tools into one. It is developed from the ground up to combine the optimizing and tuning features so as to increase the working speed of your system. The world’s foremost software tool for Vista that combines tweaking, optimization and customization functions!

The good thing about this app is that it is extensible using plugins. The software and a set of thirteen plugins is completely free to use. You can even download other plugins to extend the program functionality. Use the tool to activate several hidden settings of Windows Vista. Clean up your registry, view detailed system information, activate software and system restrictions with this utility. You can also create RAM drive with this tool and clean your hard drive of unnecessary files. It allows protecting your privacy, improving the internet connection, optimizing the CPU, RAM, managing TrueType fonts, etc.

The complete optimization package for your Vista!



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