Tweak Me!

A simple optimization tool, Tweak Me! lets you adjust a number of system settings, all from a single easy to use interface. The main attraction of the program is its ability to gather tweaks from various system areas as well as apps and present them to you in a well organized tree structure. Everything you would need to tweak your system is here – Windows, Security, Windows Update, Internet Explorer, Performance and even Windows Media Player. Without this program, these settings would be difficult to find as they are scattered all over the system.

The app is very easy to install and use. Launch it, choose your language and start running through the list of available tweaks, checking those that interest you. Once you finish, you can click the Save and Exit button to apply the settings. The program also displays detailed information about all the settings you are going to change. The perfect way to modify settings across different Windows aspects like security, performance, internet explorer and windows!



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