TVUPlayer is a media player designed for streaming various TV channels from around the world. The only requirement for this tool is an internet broadband connection, as it is the most reliable and also the fastest that one could use in order to stream a TV show. However, users should know that the app is not demanding – it will not require a large amount of bandwidth nor CPU resources, so users can also run other processes. This is also possible because the interface can be easily resized, thus the computer’s screen can be split between the stream and another activity that the user might do.

The application’s interface is black and the buttons are nicely designed, so users will enjoy the looks that are combined with a good functionality of the app. The TV channels that are available using this tool are integrated into the TVU network and the master list can be retrieved from the server within seconds. Users can also choose different sorting methods so, in the end, they will even be able to view TV channels that provide content in certain languages or that cover certain areas of interest.

The application does not feature temporary files that are stored on the computer. However, the most powerful feature of this small and free application uses an interesting broadcasting technology. Using real-time packet replications, users will be able to contribute to the stream in a passive manner. As multiple users might watch the same TV show at once, they will contribute together in order to create an even signal and quality that can be distributed to each of them. TVU can work with an unlimited number of channels and users can create a favorites list using different search methods in order to discover the best TV channels out there.



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