Do you find it tricky keeping track of all the characters, episodes and stories of your favorite TV shows? TVTrigger can help you out! When you follow many different shows at the same time, it often gets difficult staying updated with all of them. This simple utility comes handy at that time. With this app, you can stay on the top of all the TV shows you follow, easily. The program is designed to help you access all the required information about the shows, including show cast, season trailers, plot summary, official soundtrack and any other technical and artistic details.

With this application, you get the ability to browse over 3,000 shows, mark those you are interested in as Favorites and check out the declared release dates for new episodes and seasons. The program also includes a ‘Monitoring’ tool that automatically searches for latest episodes of your favorite TV shows. There is also a built in search engine as well as a download client meant to enhance your p2p file downloading experience. This search engine makes use of the four popular torrent websites and allows searching by name, episode and season of the show.

A great choice for any TV show addict!



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