TruxShare is the top file sharing application available for Windows that lets you find as well as download different types of files from various p2p networks. Whether you want music, videos, games or apps, the program helps you with all and supports Kad, Source Exchange and ED2K networks. Not only this, the application enables you to share files with over millions of users thereby exposing your own creations to the world without the need of a personal website. You get access to a large number of files and users as it gives access to more networks. This ensures that you will always find the file you are looking for.

The innovative queue system makes sure that all the users get the desired file by promotion of the people who upload back to their network. Each of the files is verified during download for corruptions so as to deliver an error free download always. It is possible to create a friend list and see who is online at any time. Completely free to use, the app also features an integrated IRC client that allows chatting with other users from across the world.

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