TrueCrypt is one of the most powerful encryption tools available on the internet and users can greatly benefit from its numerous features if they want to create a highly secure environment in which they can store various files, especially important documents. The application can be installed with ease and afterwards, users are able to explore all of the features. The online FAQ guide can also be read while different tools included in the app are tested in order for users to understand how each of them works.

First of all, users are able to create a secure partition after they allocate some hard disk space to it and afterwards, they will be able to set a password for it. Considering the fact that the app provides high security standards, it is also advisable for people to choose a powerful password that cannot be broken. Users can choose if they want to encrypt file names, too, in order for unauthorized users to receive only random strings of characters instead of actual names. There are no backdoors into the tool, so users should know that they are completely safe, but it is mandatory for them not to forget the password.

USB flash drives can be encrypted with the aid of TrueCrypt, as well, and even operating systems can be installed in such an encrypted environment, although the special guide should be consulted. The tool is open-source and users can contribute to its development. Moreover, people should know that despite the fact that the source code has been released on the internet, it does not provide any hints towards the mechanism of decryption, thus files that one stores in the secure environment are not accessible. Parallelization is another feature that has been added by developers in order to increase the speed of operations.



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