Troy Online

Troy Online is a 3D action thriller game set in ancient Greece. The war game is between the people of ancient Greece and the Gods of Troy, wherein they are at constant war for any reason. As a user, you can choose any faction, Gods of Troy or the Ancient people of Greece. On either side, you will be part of a big group of fighters and there is no dearth of fights in the immense battles for your way to glory. The most interesting aspect of this game is that it offers several players vs. players’ modes and the presence of large number of players make the game more interesting and exciting.

There are three core classes namely warrior, hunter, and mystic. These classes are further split in to the advanced class directions as follows. The Berserker is the damage dealing evolution of the warrior class. They have a slow attack speed. The Guardian is the other branch of the Warrior class and they are the best in the warriors. In the Hunter class too, there are two branches namely, the Assassin and the Ranger. The former specializes in close range combats and the latter are specialized in long range combats. The Rangers are known to be best while performing in groups. The Mystic class has two branches namely, the Warlock and the Mage. The Warlocks are specialized in damage over time spells, whereas the Mages are long range nukes in the game. They specialize in Area of Effect spells and are the most destructive teams in the game.

Developed by Alt1games, this is a best suit for those who are interested in ancient Greek mythologies and wars and has many flavors available to suit different types of players. This game software runs on Window XP and Vista OS and requires 2GB for both RAM and hard disk resource. A fan of MMORPG games with liking to historic background will certainly enjoy playing this game.

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