Total Commander

Total Commander is an easy to use application which is more than meets the eye. It features a simple installation process and a basic interface. There are various buttons at the top and they provide shortcuts to the main functions of the tool. Users can easily get used to the double panel view of the application, through which they can access two folders at the same time in order to copy or move content.

However, Total Commander brings an even more important function for its users. It works as a FTP client. There is a special menu in which users have the possibility to create a connection in order to access a website’s back-end. Then, in the left window, users will be able to see the contents of the website based on files and folders.

Total Commander is much faster than the classic Windows Explorer tool and it manages to load in an instant folders containing hundreds of files. A custom column can be set up and users can access it to see various details about a selected file. The address bar can be customized and various shortcuts can be added to it if users have certain folders which they visit the most.



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