TOP Blu-ray to WMV Converter

TOP Blu-ray to WMV Converter is an application that can be used by people who want to convert their movies into the well-known WMV format. This file format is able to preserve a lot of the original’s video quality and there is the possibility to work with a ratio tool in order to choose the desired size while seeing the quality output.

TOP Blu-ray to WMV Converter is compatible not only with BD movies, but also with DVD movies. Both of them can be imported from discs into the application and queued up for conversion. Files can also be taken from a local path and added into the tool with the aid of the drag and drop function. This way, more videos can be added at the same time within the app.

TOP Blu-ray to WMV Converter allows users to choose the size they would want for the output WMV file and they will be informed about the quality of the certain video. However, videos can also be previewed in their output format so that people can clearly see how the video is going to look. After multiple conversions are queued, users can allow the tool to shut the computer off after everything is ready.



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