Tom's Messenger

With Tom’s Messenger, you can send amazing video messages to any of your family and friends as one of the characters of the Talking friends. You can select from Talking Tom, Angela, Ben, Pierre, Ginger or Gina. The app lets you record your own short video and you can then send it either as a SMS, Kakao Talk message, Facebook message, etc. Not only this, you can share the video by posting on Twitter or Facebook. This application is ideal for sending messages that would otherwise make you shy in person, like singing a song, profess love or apologize to someone. You can even use it to make a personal video story.

The program offers the simplest and fastest way to send messages. You will not have to type! It is possible to customize the message you create and send with the app. You select which talking friend you would like to be, choose from the beautiful cartoon backgrounds or select a personal photo for background, equip the character with additional accessories like sunglasses, microphones, hats. The big red camera button can be used for starting a recording. Whatever be the message you want to convey, record it and send it in the most beautiful way to present it the way others would love.

Get the app for PC now with BlueStacks emulator!



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