Toca Lab

Toca Lab is an education tool for all the future scientists. This application lets you explore the electrifying and colorful world of science and get to know about the 118 elements of the periodic table. You can discover the elements through experiments using the lab tools. It is possible to take any element for a spin in the lab’s centrifuge. You can also warm them in the Bunsen burner or put any element on ice with the available cooling agents. Experiment adding drop or two of mysterious liquids out of the test tubes, change the voltage, make them magnetic with oscilloscope.

Each of the 118 elements has its own properties and with this tool, you can find them all! Find out whether Gold is heavy or light, how does Neon sound like, Nitrogen is hard or squishy, inspect, explore, study them one by one in the most comprehensive way. Make your scientific experiments more interesting with this lab. The app provides a nice place to play and have fun, while inspiring the kids to explore scientific aspects. The periodic table is very accurate and it stands as a starting point for further exploration.

Get the app today for your desktop and help your kids learn about scientific elements in a new, fun way! Get ready to experiment with Toca Lab! Give it a free try by visiting BlueStacks App Player today!



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