TimeComX Basic

TimeComX Basic is an application that provides support for users who need to shutdown their computer or achieve another similar task at a certain time of the day or within a time frame. The app is installed with ease and afterwards, a simple interface greets the users and allows them to easily make use of every function.

TimeComX Basic allows users to create multiple profiles if they need to redo a certain task more than once. This way, they can benefit from quick access as they only need to load the profile and start the counter. Shutting down the computer, restarting it or logging off the current users are some of the achievable tasks with this app. Users have to choose what they want to do and afterwards, they can make further configurations.

TimeComX Basic has a countdown timer available but users can also simply specify an exact time for the task to be performed. Time delays can be applied for each tasks and users also have the possibility to display a certain message on the screen. The application can also be password-protected and because of this, it can work as a good parental control utility for people that need to provide their children a schedule.



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