TightVNC is an application that allows users to remotely control a computer they own. The utility must be installed on both computers in order to work and afterwards, users just have to make use of login credentials in order to get access into the target PC. Afterwards, they can perform various tasks such as controlling different applications or just transferring files between the two computers.

TightVNC features a simple transfer mode that people can make use of. They only have to drag and drop files from one desktop to the other and a transfer bar will appear. Video drivers of the target computer are mirrored on the master computer so that users have the possibility to experience a high definition virtual desktop. Depending on the Internet’s speed, users can also perform tasks with less delay.

TightVNC can be used with one password but there is also the possibility to use a more advanced authentication method that requires two keys. Web browsers can be used at their full capacity with the aid of the utility as there is an increased Java support for them. The tool can be used in many situations, both for tech support but also for learning tasks in which students might have to see what a professor does.



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