The Great Prank War

The Great Prank War for PC is a funny android game of action and battle. The manager of your rival park East Pines, Gene, has acquired the Time Machine and is trying to win the great prank war to wrest control of your park. You have to take it back. You have your heroes in the form of Mordecai, Muscle man, Rigby and Skips to help you and fight Gene and his park rangers, bears, cassette tapes, feral hot dogs and others. You and your team will launch attacks on enemy towers and build prank themed towers for your defence. All your characters have unique prank powers and abilities to fight the devil. The conflict will go on through all the four seasons where different seasons bring different level designs and challenges. There are four epic battles that will test your character selection and nimbleness of hand on the control.

With BlueStacks app player installed in your PC you can play The Great Prank War for PC.

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