TextDiff For PC Download (Windows 7, 8, 10, XP) - Free Full Download


TextDiff is an application which users can easily install on their computers if they need to scan the contents of multiple text files and find the differences between them. Doing this manually is not an alternative as it can take quite some time to complete even with small texts and mistakes can appear.

TextDiff is an automatic alternative that users can use within seconds after they install it. Two texts must be added within the app so that the comparison can be started and afterwards, the scanning process can be started. This can take a few seconds to complete and in the end, the two files will be displayed in a line-by-line comparison, so that nothing can be missed.

TextDiff has shell integration and files can be directly sent to the app from within Windows Explorer. In the preferences menu, users can edit the highlight color and have their preferred one used instead of the classic yellow one. Text can be searched and replaced if users need to do this in order to balance the two documents and the simple text editor allows them to manually add or remove lines or just words. A log file of the differences that have been encountered can be saved by the tool.



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