TeamViewer is a really good tool that can be used in order to establish a connection between two computers and this might prove really helpful on different occasions. A main use for this tool is to create a connection that can be used as a VPN. Connections that are established with this application are two-way and each user can take control of the other computer at any time, while the connection is available. The tool is available for free and users can also create an account that can help them improve the experience, as it offers a managing feature for the computers that had connections with the main one in the past.

The installation process is extremely simple and the connection can also be established with ease. The tool is granted an exception in the firewall to avoid connection problems but the antivirus can be set manually to do this if there are issues. Each computer has a unique identification number that consists of 9 digits and a password that is randomly generated and consists of 4 digits. This is the information required for a computer in order to establish the connection and as soon as it is ready, the main computer will have access to the other’s desktop.

This can prove helpful in providing tech support for someone, for example, but file transfers can also be accomplished with the aid of the application and the speeds are quite fast. There are various options that can be used while the connection is active and one of them is the shortcut transfer from the main PC to the one at the other end of the connection, this way minimizing the efforts implied while achieving a certain task. If both users have accounts, they can also chat in a small box while the connection is active.



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