TeamTalk is a VoIP application that users can install within minutes if they want to talk with multiple persons at the same time or just have a casual voice chat with a friend over the Internet. The main interface of the tool is split in two halves; the left one provides quick access to various Internet servers that have been found with the search function. The right half is even more useful, as it is the core of a chat.

TeamTalk features four different tabs in the right window and this way, users cannot only use it to chat by text, but they can also stream video from their webcam or share files with the other participants. The volumes of both speakers and microphone can be adjusted with the aid of two sliders at the bottom of the app.

TeamTalk allows users to create servers and conferences in both Internet and LAN environments for increased privacy. Conversations can also be recorded in real time and users have the possibility to later access the output file. In order to keep things organized, users have to create an account to login with, but this is something that takes only a few minutes to accomplish.



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