TeamSpeak is a complete re-design at both front and back ends, compared to the previous versions, and the application encompasses more functions than ever before. The client is distributed for free and users are able to download it with ease. The installation process is simple and the customization options will appear as soon as the app starts. The Help menu provides a lot of explanations for each function, so the app can be configured with ease to comply with everyone’s needs. The app still maintains one of the top spots in the VoIP domain and its features prove this.

Logitech keyboard users and not only can easily customize the special keys in order to use them while the app is on. People can now connect to more than one server and each of them will be placed in a tab – the bats are further placed in the upper area of the interface. The application also provides full support for multiple input and output audio devices and each can be set up to work on a certain server. Three-dimensional sound support is now integrated and various audio systems can be used in order to benefit from spatial sound schemes.

Users can create an account within a few steps and the authentication system has been redesigned to be more secure. File transfers are also possible within the app and there will be no issues with installed firewalls. The user interface is fully customizable and users can download complete skins from the official website, although they can edit various elements to each of the preset skins. Different plugins can be installed and they increase the usability of the tool. Some of them allow users to easily see an overlapping screen with various information about the members of the chat room and the settings of it.



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