Task Manager Extension

Task Manager Extension is a handy app that is designed to overcome the limitation of the default Windows task manager. It offers limited information about the active processes and apps on the system and this tool comes into picture exactly at this point. It is a standalone app that requires no installation and essentially adds a set of data to the default task manager window. Once you download this tool, you would find difference in working with the task manager on your machine. For instance, the first thing you would note is that the processes are each identified with program icons making it easier to browse.

Right clicking any of the entries opens up a context menu containing a variety of different commands. These include everything from a properties window having detailed info about selected process to the ability to see all the loaded drivers, associated threads and other information. Developed keeping all the levels of users in mind, the program has options for power users as well as regular users. The only way to boost up your task manager adding more data and functionality to it!

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