Taggtool is an application which can be used with audio files in order for users to better manage their songs on the computer. Sometimes, audio files might miss certain tags which make file identification difficult. This is why the current application can be used in order to add or edit tags and make one’s life easier while he organizes his songs.

Taggtool can be installed with ease and afterwards, it allows users to focus on a really simple process of adding and editing files. A single file or a whole folder can be added within the app in order to be edited and users can start right away. There are various fields which can be completed, all of the standard ones being displayed. However, custom fields can be filled in by the user if he needs to create such ones.

Taggtool is compatible with both versions of ID3 tags and it can be configured to work with batches, too. There are a few tutorials which allow users to understand how batches work and afterwards, they can start adding even hundreds of songs at once and have them converted. Files can also have album art downloaded from the internet and integrated within themselves.



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