System Surveillance Pro

System surveillance Pro is a snooping utility tool which contains all important features required for the purpose of monitoring the system with prior stealth. The interface of the software application can easily be configured and showcases all important options on the main screen itself. The websites can be blocked using System Surveillance Pro via the URLs or keywords detected. There is an inclusion of a scheduler in case the user overlooks the system usage and does not keep a log of the same.

The size of the installer file is somewhere around 530.75 kilobytes. A free copy of the software is available for a complimentary period of 7 days. Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7; any of these operating systems do well with System Surveillance Pro. There are various features of System Surveillance Pro such as; Keystroke Logging which receipts the keystrokes in the same sequence in which they were typed, Monitoring file activity which keeps a track of the folders and files deleted. The faux IMs are blocked and a log of chat sessions is maintained. The running of a particular program can also be controlled by System surveillance Pro. The usage of a few programs can also be timed and configured as per the user’s wish.

The log of files sent to remote computers is also kept for any further usage. Being primarily spying application System surveillance Pro enables the user to keep a watch on the system from even a remote location via email reports. This program cannot be easily uninstalled by the intruder as it requires a password which is set by the user. The Task Manager also cannot abort the application. Here the installation of System surveillance Pro is a bit sensitive so all other programs running in the background should be stopped and kept aborted until the installation process is complete.



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