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If you are looking for a reliable software program for sync process with all the requisite features, then you will not find any better choice than Liuxz Sync Now. You will truly appreciate the standard features and intuitive interface of this software application. One of the best advantages of this application is its effectiveness.

You can find all the requisite features for the process of synchronization with Liuxz Sync Now such as scheduled syncs, file verification after sync, sync exclusion and inclusion and folder-by-folder, bi-directional synchronization and file replication. The preview mode of Liuxz Sync Now is a real timesaver. With Liuxz Sync Now, you will be able to make multiple profiles for various times of the day, week or month along with the choice to initiate sync at startup or shutdown.

If you want a software to perform real time synchronization process between hard drives or over a network, then Liuxz Sync Now is the best choice. You will certainly value its straightforward interface and the overall performance. Liuxz Sync Now is a perfect tool also for backing up data. You can easily schedule a ZIP backup (on a weekly or monthly basis) to an external drive or a hard drive partition by using this software application. All this makes Liuxz Sync Now a great software and certainly worth a try.



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