Survival Run with Bear Grylls

Survival Run with Bear Grylls for PC is a survival game for android system users. The game involves running away from the clutches of the grizzly bear who is following you relentlessly. You have stepped into the shoes of the famous survival expert Bear Grylls. To escape from the bear you are running and traversing various geographies and environments. As you continue to survive you earn coins and golden grubs. There is a danger lurking at every corner throughout your run, and you have to keep your cool to bypass ever danger until you are rescued by choppers, power gliders or jetpacks.

Though Survival Run with Bear Grylls is built for android machines your PC can also be made to run it with the help of BlueStacks app player. This utility makes sure that all the features of android are emulated by your PC and the game is able to run. You can access the game through the utility and play Survival Run with Bear Grylls for PC.



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