SuperPro Software

SuperPro Software is an application that has been fabricated to render a complete solution aimed at management of customer relationship for the sales from one business to another. It is a system of contact management that grants an indefinite number of contacts to a person, in one central location. The software provides Communication or Email templates for previously merged business letters, approximations and suggestions or proposals. The software also includes a generator of the label and the proficiency to send E-mail or Fax from the program itself.

The system of Customer Order Entry rationalizes the different tasks and delivers a comprehensive synopsis of the activities related to shopping and its status of payment. The accredited agents can create reports of the spreadsheet commission on the weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The Invoicing system is completely assimilated into accounting programs of QuickBooks. It categorizes the statements into four parts and also inserts a notice of the sale’s initial terms.

Automatic updating and tracking of the sold products is done by the Inventory Control System. It also provides renewal reminders. The reviewing of the sales history is done by the product and sales analysis to craft a report on individual products and total sales disclosing the margins of sales and gross profit on the basis of yearly, monthly or weekly. The size of the software is 12.4 MB and can be run on any windows operating system. The software is available at a price range of $397.00 to $402.00




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