Supernova Screen Reader

This is one of the better screen reader options available in the market. It is better because it can be personalized and tailored as per your needs and requirements. For a start, there are eight verbosity levels. Its peers barely offer one and most others go up to three. With the power of eight verbosity levels at your disposal, you can make this software narrate anything that you see on the screen.

The software can be a great tool if you frequently access a word processor. It tells you the spelling and grammar errors that you may have committed. It has a where am I function that tells you the name of your active window, the name of the document and the line number where you were. If you specify your vision problems, the software makes changes to its background to enable easier reading of the screen and the text.

There are two major drawbacks of this software. The first one is the absence of the pronunciation correction tool that could have allowed the user to customize the default pronunciations. The other is the absence of the zoom tool that lets you zoom into the screen. Otherwise, the software is a real treasure and does almost every other thing a screen reader is supposed to.

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