Super Fighter

Super Fighter is a popular Chinese fighting game. It is developed for PC and could be running in MS-DOS. C&E.Inc developed this game. The main protagonist of the game is a drug broker and he has some murderer minions. Top ranking Government officials are murdered by them.

The murderous intention of this group sendsa shock through the whole of United States. Eight heroes had been specially trained to fight the top three criminals or mastermind of this group. The freedom of man will be decided after the outcome of the game. The players need to select their favorite hero. There is an effective set of attacks for each and every hero. It could be chosen from their stemming martial arts.

All the heroes in Super Fighters have their own special attacks. They have learned combination kicks and punches. They have enhanced throws and projectiles. All the heroes are unique and they come from a different background and different skills are possessed. The replay possibility is also in a great deal. The different characters are Sarkov, Jaan, Bullet, Phoenix, Lan and Frank to name a few. Onimanu and Kim Chai Chi are also two popular characters in the game.

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