Subway Surfers

The most addictive, popular game of the time, Subway Surfers is on very high demand at present. Now you can enjoy this favorite game of yours on your PC easily. The game is about running on Subway and a police chasing you with a dog. It is necessary to keep running in order to survive. In the run, you would find many different obstacles like bumps, trees, trains coming and more. The more you can run, the more you score. Also, you come across certain power ups and boosters that help scoring more. Moreover, you score by collecting coins in the run. These coins can be used to buy power ups and new characters from the store and this makes the game more interesting.

The game is an endless running game and you need to beat your own high score and if you connect with Facebook, you can beat your friends’ high scores. Getting started with it is really simple. Get the BlueStacks App Player and look for the game. Once you find it, install it and you are ready to go. Playing it on PC is really a great experience and you can have it right here!



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