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Subtitles Translator

Subtitles Translator is an application designed to help users who want to quickly translate subtitle files in order to use them for videos.The tool does not do automatic translations as they can prove unreliable, but it provides full support for users who want to translate the files by allowing them to manually edit line by line all of the words within a subtitle.

As a subtitle file is loaded and chosen, Subtitle Translator will scan it and display all of its contents line by line in order for quick edits. This way, users are able to see the sentences that need to be translated and they can start working on them. If longer sentences need to be translated and they are split, the times of the output file can be edited to be displayed correctly.

Subtitles Translator also allows users to format their subtitles in order to emphase different elements within the lines. They can add font weights and colors onto the text in order to make it stand out in different moments. A tag feature provided within the app allows users to skip certain lines that have to be translated and leave them marked for later. If lines are too long, the tool will also mark them and it will ask the user to revise the wording.



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