Subtitles Modifier

Subtitles Modifier is an application designed to help users who want to create or edit existing movie subtitles. These files can have a lot of problems, starting from not being synchronized with the movie itself, either as a mistake related to the frame rate or just because of poor skills. Users now have the possibility to repair all of these mistakes within minutes.

Subtitles Modifier is able to provide support for different subtitle files and it can open six different formats. The subtitle will be displayed in its back-end form, with all of the editable elements present. There is then the possibility to manually edit lines and times, but for a whole subtitle file, there are also automated solutions. This way, users can automatically edit all of the times within the subtitle and sync it with the target movie file.

The overall frame rate of a subtitle can be changed with the aid of Subtitles Modifier so that users can quickly tune the file for a video. Subtitle formatting can be added or completely removed from the document. There is also the possibility to add or remove comments within the file. As subtitles files are huge, there are different “jump to” options so that users can reach a time or a line with ease in order to edit it.



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