Street Fighter 3

Street Fighter 3 is a classic action game with some really good combative moves that are bound to impress fans of man-to-man combat techniques. There is no shortage of characters that you can play in the game, and the best part is that each of the players have their own unique style of fighting, and you can pick the player that suits your style the best.

Your main aim is to defeat each opponent and make sure that you survive until the next game. as and when you complete three matches in a row, you will have a bonus match to play, and you can gain additional points in the game by barrel breaking, drum breaking and also car breaking. Street Fighter 3 has good controls that are not too tough to get used to, and when you are in the middle of an intense fight, the easy controls go a long way to avoid confusion.

The graphics in Street Fighter 3 are pretty good, and have a good classic look to them. The life and the score are displayed on the top of the screen for easy viewing. Also, the physics of the game are very realistic, and the sound effects are good too. All in all, Street Fighter 3 is a great game to play for fans of the action genre.



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