Post-It notes are still really popular as they are perfect reminders of tasks that need to be achieved during a period of time and Stickies is one of the best virtual solutions. Users can easily create their notes and remind themselves of various things that need to be done. This app can be installed with ease and afterwards, users can start adding their custom notes to the desktop and use them later.

Stickies can be placed on desktop with custom content inserted and they will be there until the task is marked as done by the user. Otherwise, they will sit on the screen even if the computer is restarted. Each of the stickies can be customized in its own way or all of them can have their style changed and this includes modifications of color, font and even size.

Stickies also allows the notes to be transferred from one machine to the other using several methods. Moreover, friends can be kept in touch and notes can be synced between multiple persons that share the same schedule. If some notes are more important, users can also set them alarms so that they will be notified beforehand about the task that must start soon.

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