StarLancer is a popular space based science fiction game. Erin Roberts created this flight simulator game. He was helped by Warthog PLC and Chris Roberts. The game is set in 2160. The solar system had been colonized by mankind. Two different political identities have emerged and it consists of mainly French, American, Australian, Japanese, Italian, British and German forces. The game has an interesting beginning and it starts with the attack on the Kennedy Fort.

The game begins with a peace treaty and ultimately turns to a bloodbath. There are four inner planets and they are overrun with Terra itself. The French and the Italian Fleet are lost completely. At Neptune’s Moon the alliance fleet regroups and conducts several attempts to recover lost territories. In the game, the players could take control of twelve fighter class ships. They could advance in different areas, agility, top speed, shield power and armor.

All the ships in StarLancer have a number of hard points. This could be used to mount the primary and secondary weapons such as dumb rockets and guided missiles. With respect to the increase in achievement, ships are issued to the player. This game could also be hosted online with six players at once. However Dreamcast had been successful in supporting eight players at once.

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