StarBurn is a disc burner application which can work with a lot of disc types in order for users to be able to add their various files onto this type of storage. If some might oversee CDs and DVDs, this utility has even solutions for Blu-Ray discs, which are becoming more and more popular currently. As long as users have the needed hardware, they can create their discs within moments.

StarBurn has a simple interface that allows users to choose the type of disc they want to create. The most basic one is the data disc on which all sorts of files can be added, just as they would be put in a folder on the PC. However, users also have the possibility to create audio or video discs. Rewritable discs are also supported so that users can make use of the same disc multiple times in order to add various data onto it.

StarBurn is able to work with audio CDs so that users can choose between WAV and WMA files, depending if they need compression or not. Movie DVDs can be copied with the aid of the utility and users have the possibility to remove the unnecessary content from it, so that only the actual movie file is kept and burnt onto the new disc.



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