Star Trek: Armada

Star Trek: Armada belongs to the genre of real-time strategy gameplay. It is rather an interesting game, and has received positive compliments from various critics as well as the game player. In Star Trek: Armada, the player is expected to build numerous starships and also space stations, which are all meant to conduct war. There are various different missions in the game, which needs to be accomplished in order to win the game.

The gaming software features 20 missions each divided into five subparts, all these missions turns the game all the more interesting and adds enthusiasm to it. There are two different modes, the single player and the multiplayer mode. In the multiplayer mode, the player is enabled to play against a live human player or the computer operator, itself. Apart from having to encounter the alien attacks, the player also can come across various celestial bodies each of which can cause an effect on the gameplay.

The graphics and the background music of the game is extremely praise worthy, and add on to the attraction of the game. Operating the game is also very simple, thus people from any age group can enjoy the game easily.

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