Star Lancer

Star Lancer is a multiplayer computer game based on a space combat simulation. The game is based on the story of two alliances- the Western Alliance comprising of United States, and the European giants; and the Eastern Coalition comprising of Russia, China and other powerful countries of the Middle Eastern and South Eastern Asia. The events of the game occur at the end of the 21st century where the two alliances fight against each other and capture the solar system.

The player is assigned the role of a rookie pilot in a volunteer squadron under a Wing Commander. The player’s success is judged on terms of his flying ability and is promoted during the campaign. The game provides the player with twelve fighter-class ships which he/she controls and progresses in different aspects such as top speed, armor, shield power and agility. Advancement in any of these aspects provides the player with points which could be utilized to fire guided missiles and dumb rockets. The number of ships that a player controls is based upon his/her achievements.

The player has the feature of a virtual carrier through which a player navigates, and includes other crew members whose reactions depend on the player’s rank. It is indeed a very thrilling and fascinating game.



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