SQLyog Community Edition

SQLyog Community Edition is a file manager designed for MySQL databases which encompasses a lot of different functions. Users can install this tool and put it to work in no time if they have to create a MySQL database or edit an already existing one. Such databases are the backbone of websites with user registrations and not only and sometimes they need a bit of management.

SQLyog Community Edition always uses a SSL encryption in order to keep data protected while the tool works. The app is compatible with MySQL 5.x and it is able to work with its new features. Different types of queries can be ran and tables can be modified with ease. An AutoComplete feature is also available and it can save a lot of time when having to write different queries.

SQLyog Community Edition allows people to schedule jobs in order to have them completed by the tool with the aid of scripts when the time has come. This can be done when the PC is idle, too. Indexes of MySQL databases can be managed in a number of ways. Columns can be rendered and tables can be dropped with a single click. Also, users can create log files of the queries ran during a session.



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