SQLite Database

SQLite Database is an open source database, which requires very little memory at runtime and allows its users to store a complete database in a single cross platform disk file. This database provides support for various standard database features such as transactions, SQL syntax, and prepared statements. This database requires zero configurations, which means that the users can start using it without any need of setup or administration. This database ensures that the transactions remain isolated and durable enough to withstand power failures and system crashes to emerge unscratched.

The SQLite database is faster and more efficient than the common server based database engines or client based database engines are for most of the operations. This is an open database system with the source code lying in the public domain. However, the source code enjoys 100% branch code coverage and the database does not require any external dependencies because of its self-contained nature. SQLite database comes with command line interface, which allows the users to the databases with greater efficiency.

This database system is compatible with the Windows OS run computers out of box and the users can easily port it to other systems for cross platform uses. SQLite database supports the data types TEXT, INTEGER, and REAL and the users need to convert other data types into one of these fields for saving in the database. This database system makes efficient use of the disk space and bandwidth for saving data in databases with smaller code footprint. Thus, users can save a lot of information in relatively less space by using SQLite database system.



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