SQLite Compare

SQLite Compare is an excellent database software that can help its users in comparing various items of two SQL database files and show the difference in quick time. This software tool is capable of locating differences in views, triggers, tables and various other objects between two SQL databases and shows them in an organized manner to its users.

The user interface of this software tool is quite similar to that of other popular text oriented diff/merge software utilities and can help its users in comparing schema with utmost ease.SQLite Compare contains an extremely efficient data comparison tool optimized for comparing huge tables containing even millions of rows in an optimized manner. This software provides its users with support for the generation of SQL change scripts. The software identifies the difference between the schemas of two SQL database files, which helps in generating the change scripts. This software can also construct efficient SQL command list, which can come in handy while migrating from one database to another.The users can compare objects contained in two SQL database files by a single mouse click.

The software provides a dialogue box with choice of option regarding the mode of comparison. The Comparison schema only mode allows the users to compare only the schema differences between two database files. The other mode is the Compare schema and data mode, which compares differences between SQL schema and table data rows. The software displays a table containing all the differences between two SQL database files and allows the users to focus on specific differences. Thus, SQLite Compare can be quite an effective tool in comparing differences between two SQL database files.

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