SQL Vehicle Database Download + ASP.Net

This diverse tool is an essential tool for the people who are related to transport and having huge vehicles in their organization. They can get the best from this tool regarding all information pertaining to cars, trucks and all other vehicles. You can also get the details of the vehicle, for example- the weight of the engine, models of vehicles, wheels, gear assemblies, suspensions and so on. All the database is stored which works with MSSQL and myriad MySQL formats. The huge collection of database of vehicles starting from early 19’s to the 20th century are available in the software which helps the customer to research for their choice of vehicle. All the details can be viewed online on your own web page as it is a web based application, you can see and fetch all the details as per your requirements.

It has inbuilt full version of C# and source code of VB.Net which helps in getting the full and desired details of vehicles of your choice. Different and easy features of this tool help browsing on the web page for a particular model of a vehicle, year when it was created, curb weight etc.

The best part of this tool is that it is customized as per the request which revolves around how much features you want in your web page with the help of PHP/MySQL web application. The software is available in both versions- web based and non web based. This software works on Windows platform. The price of this software is $89.00. The demo version of the software can be downloaded free online.



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